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Paperfox KB-32 Punching, creasing machine

Ideal for:

  • Punching Euro holes in paper, foil, plastic, leather etc.

  • Creasing cartoon, paper

  • Punching individual holes with custom tailored tools

  • Applicable punching thickness: 2-3 mm


  • Heavy duty metal construction

  • Interchanglable knives

  • Custom made knives are available

  • You can crease even the sensitive digital prints because the rubber creasing plate eliminates the fiber cracking

  • There are a lot of additional possibilities...

This creasing and punching machine is ideal for creasing digital print, covers prior to booklet-making, Christmas cards, menus, invitations or punching paper, card, thin plastic..
Creasing allows simple bending of folders, wedding announcment, invitations, publicity material etc.
The machine can be used to punch or cut cartoons, papers or plastic shets.

Creasing, perforating, die cutting, punching machine
Die cutting


Working width:

320 mm

Max.paper weight:

400 g/m2

Size of the punching tool:

30 x 60 mm

Machine weight:

12,5 kg

Dimensions: (W x L x H)

60 x 500 x 250 mm

Parcel dimensions: (W x L x H)

520 x 260 x 80 mm

You can make this small device more accurate and confortable with an MA-500 working table.

Paperfox BKB-32 Creasing tool for KB-32

This creasing tool for KB-32 Creasing, punching press.

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Paperfox BL-32 Creasing plate

This cutting plate can be used in Paperfox KB-32 punching, creasing machine.

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Paperfox PKB-32 Perforating tool for KB-32

You can use this perforating tool in KB-32 Creasing, punching press.

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Individual tools

Do you need an individual tool? Send us your drawing, we check sizes and comlexity and give you an offer.

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An interesting usage of this useful device is the cutting of sample materials. In this picture you can see some carpet-samples which are used for making sample collections, catalogs.

With changing the creasing tool and the creasing plate to cutting tool and cutting plate, you can cut cartoons, or cut visit cards as you can see in this picture.
You can cut visit cards even with rounded corners with this useful device.

Euro hanging tabs can be made with euro-slot punching after creasing and folding a peace of cartoon.
You can punch figer cuts to boxes too...

Paperfox KB-32 Punching, cerasing machine

With the PKB-32-1/1 Perforating tool you can perforate paper to make entry cards, tear-off blocks.

Or you can cut windows to booklets...

Paperfox KB-32 Punching, cerasing machine

You can creasi even sensitiva digital prints withot cracking the fiber.
(The upper part of the creasing made with an other creasing machine)

Paperfox KB-32 machine for Making wedding announcements.

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