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Paperfox PK-xx-yy perforating knives

The Paperfox PK-xx-yy perforating knives are can be used in Paperfox R-760, R-760A, R-760AV, R-761 machines and in other individual Paperfox machines. The xx is the number of the teeths (24 or 40), the yy is the width of the gap beatween teeths in 1/10mm-s

Ideal for:

  • Perforating paper, foil os card


  • Preciselly grinded hardened steel part

  • Custom blade manufacturing possible



Number of teeth

The distance between the teeth

Paperfox  PK-24-5    


0,5 mm

Paperfox  PK-24-10


1 mm

Paperfox  PK-40-5


0,5 mm

Paperfox  PK-40-10


1 mm

With the Paperfox PK-xx-yy perforating knives you can perforate paper, cardboard or plastic sheets.

Perforating circular kife
PK-24-5 Perforating circular knife
This is a standard Paperfox perforating blade, we give this to the Paperfox machines.
This perforation is very easy to tear.
Perforating blade
Circular blade for perforation
Fine toothed blade for microperforation
Special perforating blade
PK-24-10 Perforating knife
This perforating blade has wider gaps between teeths so it is nos so easy to tear this perforation. This kind of perforation recommended if the perforation with the standard knife tears to easily and the product can demaged during the finishing process.
PK-40-5 Perforating knife
This perforating knife has more smaller teeths and it is stell easy to tear.
PK-40-10 Perforating knife
If the perforation with PK-40-5 beraks too easily the you can ty to use this perforating blade.
PK-24-25 Perforating blade
The perforation with this blade is not easy to tear, we suggest this kind of perforation to replace creasing.
Some materials (corrugated paper, plastic folis...) can't be creased well, in this case you can ty to perforate to help folding the product.

You can enhance the quality of the perforation by using isulating band on the cylinder under the perforating knives. It is exspecially useful if you perforate thich papers or foils.

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