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Paperfox TVH-5 paper core cutting machine

Ideal for:
  • Cutting paper cores with 50 and 75mm inner core diameter
  • Cutting plastic cores
  • Cutting some kind of roll material

  • Robust industrial gearmotor
  • Adjustable speed through a frequency controller
  • Easy to move on rollers


Netto weight

35 kg

Dimensions (width/length/ ):

110/60/130 cm

Place demand (for the safe operation)

200/200 cm

Paper core inner diameter

75 or 50mm

Max. roll outer diameter:
120 mm

Max. length to cut:

900 mm

Circular knife diameter:

100 mm

Roller speed

0-200 rev./min.

Noise output less than

70 dB(A)

Operational temperature



-25...+55°C (+70°C max. 24 hours)


50% (max.+40°C)





The Paperfox TVH-5 paper core cutting machine can be suitable for cutting roll materials.
To find out that you can use this machine for your purpose you should answer the following questions:

1. What is the max. external diameter of the roll?
(Our roll cutters can cut max. 12cm external diameter)

2. What is the inner core diameter?
(With the standard machine you can use 75mm (3") and 50mm (2") inner
diameter cores.)

3. What is the length and weight of the roll?
(The limit is not so exact but above 2m length and 5..10kg weight the
machine is not reliable)

4. What is the material you want to cut?
(Certain materials can be cut well others are not, is not so exact)

5. To what size you want to cut the roll?
(You can cut the rolls to different lengths in wide range)

6. What are the quality requirements?
(Certain materials can be cut accurately, others not. We should test
the material.)

7. What quantity do you want to cut with the machine?
(The TV-5 is for cutting small rolls in small quantities. The TVH-5 is
much stronger and robust.)
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