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Paperfox RP-1 corner guide

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You can extend the usage of your MP-1 or MP-2 paper punch with the Paperfox RP-1 corner guide. The Paperfox RP-1 corner guide can be monted on booth side of Paperfox MP-1, Paperfox MP-2 presses to secure the positioning of paper and card sheets for rounding or punching corners.

The Paperfox RP-1 corner guide mainly used to round corners,  but you can use it for punching or cutting paper or other sheet materials by positioning to the corner.

Paperfox RP-6 .. RP-30  corner rounding knives

You can round corners with this tools using in Paperfox MP-1, MP-2 presses. For positioning use the RP-1 paper guide.


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