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Prototypes, individual custom made solutions, ideas...

Paperfox is a company with passion for new solutions. We are creating a lot of prototypes but we are serial-manufacturing only the most successful devices. We share this ideas which didn't achieve success inmediatelly because this products maybe very successful in the future.
Automatic labeling machine with friction feeder.
Two-roller gluing machine for applying cold glue.
This slitter-rewinder machine based on the standard AH-1250 rewinder. The machine is equipped with a series of cutting knives so you can slit roll materials up to 115cm width with this machine.
A progrmmable paper feeder with automatic table lift. You can use the device as a stand alone paper dispenser or for feeding other print finishing machines. You can place even a 30cm pile of paper into the device.
With the Paperfox CLR-5 Coreless Rewinder you can save not only the price of the paper core, but you can work much faster than with a conventional rewinder.
You can cut to a programmed length with this device not only Velcro tapes, but also other roll materials.
A mamual driven rewinder with a programmable digital length measuring device.
With the Paperfox AHD-2000 Rewinder you can rewind different materials up to 180cm width. The rewinder stops automaticaééy after rewinding the programmed length. Thank to the construction of the device you can check the material during the rewinding process.
Devices for cutting, die cutting or punching pharmaceutical blister packs.
Custom made machine for cutting the corner of a pile of paper.
The Paperfox SL-1 Corrugated paper slotter machine is a manual device for making corrugated boxes.
Paperfox SLB-1 Sheet leveling block
A useful tool for accurate cutting of paper piles
This prototype is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their label-making process. Say goodbye to tedious hand-cutting and hello to efficiency with the Paperfox LS-1.
Manual device for folding big paper sheets.
You can put self adhesive tape on paper sheets with this machine. The friction feeder forwards the sheet automatically into the device.
the Paperfox IV-2 Sheeter affordable solution to your roll-to-sheet cutting needs. This machine is made to order, so we can also take your individual wishes into account during production.

Paperfox GL-2 gluing machine

With the Paperfox GL-2 gluing machine you can glue paper, foil up to 70 cm width.

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Paperfox CV-1 Label slitter

A simple device for cutting label rolls into smaller rolls.

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Paperfox PF-1 Hole perforating machine

You can create a seies of holes to make tear-off perforation with this device.

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Paperfox ISD-1 Duoble loop wire cutter

Automatically cuts double loop wires (wire-o) to the desired length.

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Paperfox ADV-1 core cutter

Ltes add a new feature to your Paperfox A-1000 rewinder with the Paperfox ADV-1 core cutter! You can cut paper cores or thin roll materials with this device.

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Paperfox TZV-1 Fastening band cutter

Not only for cutting fastening bands. You can cut different band materials with this device into deired length.

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Paperfox TV-2 Roll slitter

An individual made roll slitter, you can cut paper tubes and roll materials up to 12 cm diameter and 150cm length.

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Paperfox ISB-3 Double loop wire cutter

Not only for cutting fastening bands. You can cut different band materials with this device into deired length.
With this double loop wire cutter you can cut binding wires to the required length.
The device can be programmed with a digital display.

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Paperfox F-500 Folding machine

The Paperfox F-500 Folding machine is a custom made A2 folding machine with 2 folding trays.

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Paperfox F-500SZ Folding macine

An individuell made vacuum-feed folding machine from PAPERFOX.

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Paperfox TP-1 Text perforator

Paperfox TP-1 Text perforator
Text perforating machines are used for cancelling trade samples, for securing original documents or for punching a company logo.

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Paperfox KPF-2 Roll-to-roll perforating machine

This machine was designed to perforate roll materials in cross direction.

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Paperfox IV-1 Sheeter

You can cross-cut different roll materials with this sheeter.
This automatic Roll to Sheet Cutter is a cost effective way of is the best option to quickly and accurately transform a roll into sheets in the desired length.

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Paperfox RPF-1 Offset plate punch

not available

Tis offset plate punch was desined for offset plates to Romayor offset presses, but it could be modified for any similar tasks.

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Special presses with heated blades.

A programmable device for cutting velcro, plastic or textile ribbons.


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