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Creasing, perforating machines

Paperfox KB-32 Paper punch and creasing machine

Not only a robust, universal creasing and punching machine, but this grooving machine costs less than other comparable device. In addition to the lot of features you can crease even sensitive digital prints without crackig the fiber of the carton because the rubber creasing late eliminates the fieber cracking. With special tools you can also cut, perforate with this useful device.

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Paperfox MBE-3 Creasing machine

You can use the Paperfox MBE-3 Heavy creaser for hard greyboard and cardboard materials.

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You can crease and perforate with the Paperfox kisscutting machines too.

The paperfox creasing machines with circular creasing roller having several advantages to the traditional creasing devices.

  • High speed. You can crease even 2000..5000 sheets/hour

  • High effectivity. You can make more creasing into the sheet in one pass

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Paperfox MA-500 working table for KB-32

The MA-500 working table makes the work with the KB-32 more accurate and comfortable.

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Paperfox BL-32 Creasing plate

This cutting plate can be used in KB-32 press.

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Paperfox BKB-32 Creasing tool for KB-32

You can use this creasing tool in KB-32 Creasing, punching press.

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Paperfox PKB-32 Perforating tool for KB-32

You can use this perforating tool in KB-32 Creasing, punching press.

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Custom solutions - Please ask about the availability
You can crase even 1500mm wide corrugated paper sheets with this device and make boxes or other packaging materials.

You can crase and perforate paper, cardboard or corrugated paper with this cheap but very useful device.

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