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Packaging devices

Paperfox EVV-3 Cardboard edge protector cutter
This angle board re-cutter makes easier and simplier to cut egde protectors up to 80x80x8mm.
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Paperfox RT-1 Tape dispenser
With the Paperfox RT-1 Tape dispenserr you can really tear the adhesive tape with this device


Triangle shaped, plastic cutting plate is aveilable for Paperfox EVV-3 Cardboard Edge Protector Cutter.

OLFA LB-SOL-10 spare blades for EVV-3 Cardboard Edge Protector cutter

There are 2 blades fixed in the Paperfox EVV-3 Cardboard Edge Protector cutter at once for cutting at right angles.

Custom solutions - Please ask about the availability
With the Paperfox TG-2 carton box stitching machine you can make cardboard boxes. The stitcher can be mounted on a table so you can work comfortable with this device.

Wit the electric machine is even more easier and simplier to cut egde protectors
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Paperfox DK-5 Box-Maker
It's easy - by our Box-Maker you can create even with small technical knowledge  professional folding cartons.
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Paperfox EVV-2 Cardboard edge protector cutter

Not available

The Paperfox EVV-2 small cardboard edge cutter is very simple machine for cutting edge protectors up to 50x50x5 mm..

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Paperfox SL-1 Slotter
not available

The Paperfox SL-1 slotter is designed for making corrugated boxes.

not available

The Paperfox PFC-1 manufactures filling chips from paper rolls.

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