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Corner rounders

Paperfox S-3 Cornerrounder

A really robust corner rounder at an affordable price.

Included accessories:

  • 2 pcs rounding knives: LK-4 (d=4mm), LK-8 (d=8mm)

  • 10 pcs cutting plate

  • Hexagon tool

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Paperfox RP-1 corner guide

You can round the corner of paper or card with MP-1
, MP-2, KB-32 presses using the Paperfox RP-1 corner guide for positioning the sheet.

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Paperfox LK-4 and LK-8 Corner rounding knives

Cornerrounding knives are available for S-3 corner ronder in two sizes:

  • LK-8 corner rounding knife with 8mm radius

  • LK-4  corner rounding knife with 4mm radius

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Paperfox VLS-3 cutting plate for S-3 cornerrounder

Heavy duty plastic plates for S-3 cornerronder. Long lifetime, because you can use this plate in different position and you can use the other side of the plate.

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Paperfox RP-6 .. RP-20  corner rounding knives

You can round corners with this tools using in Paperfox MP-1
, MP-2 or KB-32 presses. For positioning use the RP-1 paper guide.

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