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Paperfox TV-2 Roll cutter

This is a prototype of a roll slitter.

You can cut paper cores, or roll materials up to 12cm outer diameter.
The inner dimeter can be different. The machine can cut up to 1,5m rolls, but this length can be longer with a small change in the construction.

Roll cutter

This roll cutter was builded on a cheap turning machine.

The machine could cut hot stamp foils, but because the machine turns quite quickly, it it not a proper solution for bigger rolls.

Tube cutter

An other solution for cutting paper cores.

This machine was also based on a cheap hobby turning machine.

Tube cutter

Tube cutting wiht our A-1000 Rewinder

This paper core slitter was based on our A-1000 rewinder. The A-1000 Rewinder is not strong, so you can cut only paper tubes or very small rolls with this machine. You can easily convert the machine back for rewinding.

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