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Kiss cutting is a die cutting process where adhesive-backed foils or papers are cut through, but the laminated backing paper is not.
The process got its name because the kiscuttig knife or the steel rule die cuts through the self adhesive material, but only “kisses” the backing paper without cutting it.

The optimal deepth of kiss cutting

A self adhesive foil has the following layers:

  • Self adhesive material

  • Ahesive layer

  • Silicon layer in order to not to stick firmly on the backing paper

  • Backing paper or foil.

The optimal deepth of kiss cutting if the knife cuts the self adhesive material, tha adhesive layer and the half of the silicone layer.
In this way you can remove the stickers easily without tearing the backing paper.

How can you kiss cut?

1. Manual kiss cutting
The sipliest manual way of kisscutting is with a sharp kife beside a ruler. It is a cheap solution for kiss cutting, not too accurate but maybe the best solution for small series.

2. Kiss cutting with a steel rule die
You can kiss cut different shapes with this method, but you need a big and expensive machine-monter and a special tool for every shape you need.

3. Kiss cutting with a plotter
You can make shaped stickes without special tool in this way, but the productivity is not too high. Maybe it is a good solution for short runs.

4. Kisscutting with rotation kiscutting machines
You can kisscut only streight lines, but you don't need special tool for every task. The productivity is very good, you can kisscut about 1.000...6.000 sheets in an our.

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