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Euro slot punch

Euro slot punch

Do you need an unique Euro slot punch?

  • Euro slot punch for punching paper

  • Euro slot punch for punching plastis foils

  • Euro slot punch for making packagingmaterials

  • Unique euro punch tool (32,35,25... mm)

Euro slot punch tool

Paperfox euro slot punch with Paperfox Euro hole tool

Paperfox MP-1 Euro slot punch

Paperfox MP-1 Euro slot punch

A simple but really universal Euro slot punch. You can use with paper, card, plastic foils and other materials with this punching press.

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Paperfox KB-32 Creasing Machine + Euro slot punch

Paperfox KB-32 Euro slot punch and creasing machine

In addition to the lots of features of the really universal MP-1 euro slot punch, you can crease even sensitive digital prints without crackig the fiber of the carton. Would you like to manufacture an unique packing? First step: printing, second step: cutting, after you can use this machine: creasing and euro slot punching.

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Paperfox MP-2 Euro slot punch with Euro slot tool

Paperfox MP-2 Euro slot punch

Save your hands with the Paperfox MP-2 euro slot punch with Euro slot tool.
It is much easier to use your foot for punching paper, card or folie. If you use the Paperfox MPA-2 table, the work will be esiest.

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Paperfox MPE-2 electric Euro slot punch

Paperfox MPE-2 electric euro slot punch

Just insert the paper or card into the Paperfox MPE-2 electric slot paper punch and it punches automatically.


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